Do you remember what it was like to wake up on school holidays with a smile on your face, ready to head off into the warm sun to swim and ride while exploring and adventuring all day long?

A lot of speakers talk about their amazing feats of adventure; climbing mountain peaks, crossing oceans, surviving Arctic journeys... but for most of us a simple road trip, giving a speech, starting a business, taking an unplanned holiday... are the adventures we are longing to embark on. It's time we stop living in fear and choose adventure.


Like most everyone, I started out quite adventurous, but as the years passed, subtle pressures began to weigh on me. The Spirit Thieves nagged at me, fanning the embers of the little fears deep inside. Life has a way of wearing us down... for every adventure we want to have, there's always a reason why not. For every "I wish I could..." a bevy of voices telling us that we can't or shouldn't. After years of lacklustre summers spent staring at a computer screen, I took my own advice and rediscovered the adventures that make me feel alive and I hit the road.

I went alone without any plans and with limited finances. Some called me mad, many called me stupid, but... roadside repairs and all... it was the best decision I've ever made.

I had a few jet-lagged days to get my rusty old KZ400 "mostly" roadworthy, before I rode up Highway 1 from Santa Cruz with a handful of tools, over the Golden Gate Bridge, through the Redwoods, into Portland, popping in at Seattle, caught my breath in Vancouver, winding up to Whistler, over to Calgary and back down to Los Angeles before flying back to London, exhausted in body but very much revived in spirit.

Adventure is not all about running marathons, climbing mountains or finding yourself in the rainforest, it can be whatever is right for you. You really do get to choose your own adventure. For me, adventure is as simple as an impromptu roadtrip. What is your next adventure?


Part autobiography, part self-help, part choose-your-own-adventure, this book will amuse and inspire those with a lust for adventure and horrify those who long for strict rules and pedantic cliches. Jam packed with life lessons, adventures of daring-do, humiliating mistakes, frightful tales of near-death (of sanity) experiences, gratuitous bikini-clad hair flipping photos and only a minimal amount of self-indulgent drivel.


Through numerous live events, SRM will be roaming the USA, Canada and the UK throughout 2017 to meet, greet, read, and hawk the book to anyone willing to listen and hand over cold hard cash. For events near you keep up-to-date on Facebook or join the SRM Club to be the first to know when a new event is announced.

Can't wait to hear the tales and to find out what I learned about danger, fear, risk and connection? BOOK ME to come talk at your school, business, meeting or conference. Let's talk about what adventures you're missing out on because of fear.